Makerfarm Prusa i3 Build Walkthrough

By | August 5, 2013


The kit arrived by UPS in a nice compact box that was packed very neatly and had plenty of bubble wrap.


The Goods


Now before we get into the assembly, it will be useful to know what all these parts are called so when you assemble them, you’ll know where they’re going. This would have helped me when I built it.

Labelled Parts


Before You Begin

I first laid out all the parts, then put all the screws into small clear cups, that way they’ll be separated, but I can stack the cups without mixing up the screws and nuts.

Parts Laid Out

Screw Organization


Build Progress

The build instructions for the kit can be found here:

Thankfully Colin from Makerfarm has uploaded detailed build videos for all the parts, which I will embed here.

1. X Carriage

X Carriage


2. X Idler

X Idler


3. X Motor


4. X Axis Assembly

X Axis Assembly


5. Y Idler


6. LCD Interface

LCD Interface


7. Wooden Frame



8. Y Bed

Y Bed


9. Y Rods

Y Rods


10. Z Rods

Z Rods


11a. 0.35mm or 0.50mm J-Head Hot End

First add the wire casing, then add the crimp connectors, finally, slide in the heat shrink tubing.

Temp Sensor Step 1

Temp Sensor Step 2

Temp Sensor Step 3


11b. 0.40mm Magma Hot End


12. Extruder (Greg’s Accessible Hinged Extruder)

(STL file for printing your own parts:


13. RAMPS Setup


14. Final Setup


15. Software Setup

Colin’s got a great writeup in the documentation for the software setup, but in short you’ll need to install:


16. First Prints

The first prints turned out well, the goal is to get lower layer heights and faster speeds.

Yoda in Progress



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