Home Media Server using Docker Compose in Windows 10

I thought I’d write this guide because I ran into some issues adapting https://www.smarthomebeginner.com/docker-home-media-server-2018-basic/ to my Windows 10 setup. Hopefully it helps folks out, but I won’t go through any of the details they already cover. I’m simply going to write the instructions to get a running media server on Windows 10 that has: Plex,… Read More »

Importing InqScribe Transcripts in MAXQDA 12

I have a lot of transcripts I’ve done in InqScribe, and recently I’ve wanted to dive into Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS). I chose MAXQDA 12 since it has the most rich transcription feature set for Macs. ATLAS.ti & NVivo both have rich features in their Windows versions, but their Mac versions still lag… Read More »

MatLab 2013b Blurry in MacOSX with Retina Macbook

This problem is caused by MatLab 2013b using it’s packaged and outdated Java. Instead we want it to use our current version, so we’ll have to point the environment variable MATLAB_JAVA to the correct version. This solution has worked on 10.9 Mavericks Edit (2/18/2014): The old crossed-out procedure below doesn’t persist after a reboot. Although… Read More »

Prusa i3 Common Issues Troubleshooting

1. ATX Powersupply keeps turning off in the middle of a print. Most power supplies require a load on their 5V rails, which one is 5V? Any yellow wire to black ground wire will be 5 Volts. (Red to black will be 12Volts) You can either use high power 10 Watt 10 Ohm resistors, or… Read More »

Makerfarm Prusa i3 Build Walkthrough

Unboxing The kit arrived by UPS in a nice compact box that was packed very neatly and had plenty of bubble wrap.   Now before we get into the assembly, it will be useful to know what all these parts are called so when you assemble them, you’ll know where they’re going. This would have… Read More »

Brief Moments of Clarity: Episode 8 – “Rumm….”

In this almost 2 hour diagnostic episode, I look at what’s ailing me and how I can fix it. My brother shares some of the secrets that he’s found. We touch on childhood heroes not fitting our expectations, positive psychology, meditation, and how to get out of that funk.

Brief Moments of Clarity: Episode 7 – “What are you doing man?!”

In this rage-venting spectacular, my brother and I talk about recent work events that made me almost explode. We touch Anthony Weiner’s weiner, I mean we touch on the newest dick pix scandal. We end with a discussion of self-help and we blow the lid off the secret behind The Secret.

How to include a Skype call into your podcast in Garageband

This guide will walk you through the set-up required to include a Skype call into your podcast using Garageband and a couple of free apps. What you need (all free): 1. Soundflower (http://code.google.com/p/soundflower/) 2. LineIn (http://rogueamoeba.com/freebies/) The basic idea is to route your microphone and the Skype call into Soundflower which will act as our… Read More »

How to Fix: “tsMuxeR.exe has a return code of -3!”

This fix applies to PS3MediaServer, or the recently branched Universal Media Player. You might have run into this problem where if you are playing .H264 MKV files, it will exit before the video has finished. Another similar problem is that the movie will pause, then freeze, then exit. If you look at the debug.log, you… Read More »