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Importing InqScribe Transcripts in MAXQDA 12

I have a lot of transcripts I’ve done in InqScribe, and recently I’ve wanted to dive into Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS). I chose MAXQDA 12 since it has the most rich transcription feature set for Macs. ATLAS.ti & NVivo both have rich features in their Windows versions, but their Mac versions still lag… Read More »

MatLab 2013b Blurry in MacOSX with Retina Macbook

This problem is caused by MatLab 2013b using it’s packaged and outdated Java. Instead we want it to use our current version, so we’ll have to point the environment variable MATLAB_JAVA to the correct version. This solution has worked on 10.9 Mavericks Edit (2/18/2014): The old crossed-out procedure below doesn’t persist after a reboot. Although… Read More »

How to include a Skype call into your podcast in Garageband

This guide will walk you through the set-up required to include a Skype call into your podcast using Garageband and a couple of free apps. What you need (all free): 1. Soundflower ( 2. LineIn ( The basic idea is to route your microphone and the Skype call into Soundflower which will act as our… Read More »

How to use wrapfig (wrapfigure) in an enumerated or list environment in LaTeX

One of the drawbacks to using wrapfig in LaTeX is that it doesn’t behave well in enumerated or list environments. Usually what happens is that wrapfig doesn’t know how to wrap around /begin and /end statements, so it drops the figure down to the bottom. Here’s the quickest workaround I’ve been able to find. In… Read More »